AEGIS Security & Investigations Accepts Bitcoin/Crypto

As the world of crypto currency grows in popularity and new digital currencies are created each day it is important to understand the practical applications of these potential means of payment. Few industries benefit from accepting crypto currencies as much as private security. There are many reasons why one benefits from hiring a private security company which accepts bitcoin and other cryptos. Some of those benefits are tied to the basic fundamentals and roots in the original purpose of digital currencies. Let’s start there.

The guiding principle of crypto currencies is the concept of blockchain financial transactions. This system is an all-out dismantling of traditional banking and more resembles the wiring system. The concept is essentially that banks, financial institutions, and credit companies are evil middle-men and they have no place in the transactional realm in which person-to-person, person-to-business, and business-to-business exchanges can occur organically. It’s a return to cash in a digital era.

Why is this an important benefit when seeking a private security company? The answer is in the title: “private.” Private security companies that accept bitcoin and other crypto currencies are capable of providing a layer of anonymity to their customers. Just like with cash, the names of clients and companies can be altered or concealed. This makes your private security truly “private.” This helps to prevent fraud and data breaches. Being able to protect their clients on this molecular level is why AEGIS Security & Investigations started accepting bitcoin long before cryptos were in the mainstream. 

Another reason we made the decision to accept crypto currencies for private security services is because we believe access is one of the most important qualities of any service provider. We wanted to make sure people are not locked out of our services for something as small as their desired form of payment. This brings up two benefits of hiring a private security company that accepts bitcoin which are not discussed enough. The first of these is access to cutting edge technology and anticipating future needs.

Quality private security is proactive, not reactive. A great private security company diagnoses weaknesses and anticipates breach scenarios then addresses those issues and creates contingency plans before soft-spots are penetrated. When a private security company accepts bitcoin for as long as AEGIS has you know they possess those qualities of foresight. Why? Because we’re already proactively addressing market trends and customer needs beyond security. We put that same due diligence into the services we provide and the people we hire.

This same philosophy extends to the methods we use and the technology we have at our disposal. Like every other industry in the world, private security is rapidly changing as more technology and automation become available. A quality private security company not only needs to keep up with these new devices and methods of protecting their clients, but also must figure out how they fit into the full protection plan and how they can enhance security when combined with conventional methods. Accepting bitcoin is a tip-off to the fact that the company you’re dealing with not only knows how to adapt with evolving technology, but also embraces it. Proof of this at AEGIS can be seen with the security robots we have available, our 24/7 video monitoring systems, and our state-of-the-art security camera and sensor selection. Technology is the future of every profession and at AEGIS we embrace that for ourselves and our clients. We continue to show this commitment through our expansion of accepted cryptos.

There are more benefits to hiring a private security company than just those outlined above, but these are the most relevant. Privacy, proactive philosophy, and rapid adaptation are necessary when providing quality private security. At AEGIS we believe our commitment to accepting crypto currencies shows a dedication to all of those guiding principles. If you want nothing else from your private security company; it’s dedication.