Travel Risk Management & Intelligence Analysis

Securing Clients While Traveling Globally

Powered by AI and managed by humans, AEGIS’ Security Analysts support client’s traveling through pre-travel analysis, virtual advances, and real time threat monitoring.

AEGIS’ Security Consultants provide several facets of service to support our clients’ travel needs. Services are tiered to provide scalable supporting including: broad scope intelligence reports for the city/country/region being traveled to, site specific virtual advance packages supporting a detailed client customized itinerary, and fully managed security and logistics support on the ground.

Pre-Travel Security Analysis – AEGIS’ Protective Intelligence Analysts produce custom all hazards/all risks situational awareness reports in advance of travel for the City/Region/Country with optional virtual briefings.

Itinerary Advances – In addition to Pre-Travel Security Analysis, AEGIS’ Protective Intelligence Analysts produce custom itinerary specific virtual advances, offer options for consideration to mitigate risk, and provide contingency and emergency plans ready to be used if necessary. AEGIS can also assist in arranging for local security support upon request.

Real Time Threat Monitoring – In addition to Pre-Travel Security Analysis and Itinerary Advances, AEGIS’ Protective Intelligence Analysts provide round the clock real time potential threat monitoring via open source intelligence, news outlets, government resources, and proprietary data collection methods. Capability includes client tracking and near real-time reporting of potential threats.

AEGIS Security & Investigations specializes in competitive investigations, security, training, and consulting solutions for corporate clients. Since our inception in 2007, our goal has been to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We accomplish this by actively utilizing focusing our services tuned to our clients’ hierarchy of needs, resulting in a high quality service our clients and employees appreciate and respect. Our goal is to provide a high return on investment by providing high quality, efficient, and effective services, exceeding our client’s expectations.

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