Management Team

Jeff Zisner

President & CEO

Jeff Zisner is an industry and media recognized security expert with nearly 20 years of experience in the security and investigations industry. As the President & CEO, Jeff oversees all facets of AEGIS’ security, investigations, training and consulting operations, ensures best practices and quality control are adhered to from the top down, and pushes to further the industry…

by actively engaging in the community. Jeff is a proud Los Angeles native and a graduate of California State University, Northridge with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management and Psychology. Throughout his career, Jeff has dedicated his talents to reinventing the contracted security and investigations industry. His vision is of contracted teams of security and investigative professionals seamlessly integrated with client operations based on their individual needs. This symbiotic relationship focuses on providing high quality customer service oriented personnel with an emphasis and threat prevention instead of simply reaction.

Jeff began working in the industry as a security officer in 2005. Recognizing, developing, and implementing improvements for the logistical and operational shortfalls at client sites led to his promotion as Operations Manager for a local security firm. After growing the company and streamlining its processes, Jeff left the firm to pursue opportunities as a consultant and surveillance investigator, gaining valuable experience conducting threat assessments, managing varied types of security operations, and supervising complex investigations.

His credentials also include Bureau of Security & Investigative Services Security Instructor, Private Investigator, board certification as a “Certified Protection Professional” by ASIS, and the Commercial Facilities Sector Chief for the Los Angeles Chapter of the FBI’s Infragard Members Alliance. Resulting from his dedication to Infragard’s mission and his production of high quality training workshops, Jeff was awarded the National Infragard Rookie of the Year Award 2012.

Jeff is the President and CEO of AEGIS, specializing in high-end, customer centric security, investigation, training and consulting services. Jeff can still be found in the field managing complex investigations and onboarding new clients when he isn’t busy conducting security assessments, teaching workplace violence prevention and active shooter preparedness and response training programs, or managing the day-to-day business of his firm.

In his free time, he spends time with his family and pets as well as his close circle of friends, enjoys traveling, riding his motorcycle, water sports, firearms training, and exploring other business ventures.


Shayna Bornstein

VP, People & Payroll

Shayna Bornstein serves as VP of People & Payroll for AEGIS Security & Investigations, Inc.  She has 10+ years of experience in the security industry as well as an extensive background in interpersonal relationships and psychology…

Shayna is responsible for implementing human resources management strategies, performance management, policy and procedure development, and engaging employees to create a dynamic and responsive guard force for AEGIS.  She is also responsible for all things payroll and benefits related and is a stickler ensuring pay rates and payroll is completed on time and is accurate.

Shayna has a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies with an Option in Teaching and Learning and an emphasis in Psychology from California State University, Channel Islands, as well as a Master’s Degree in Psychology with a Specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis from Kaplan University.

In her free time, you can find Shayna spending time with her husband, daughter, and dog, reading as many books as she can, traveling, and volunteering with a local Girl Scout troop.

Doron Horowitz

VP, Strategic Initiatives

Doron Horowitz is an industry recognized safety and security expert most recently serving as the Senior National Homeland Security Advisor for the Security Community Network with an area of responsibility spanning thousands of sites and nearly 8 million people…

Prior to his decade of service with SCN, he served as a Director of Corporate Security in the finance sector, Director of National Security for the Jewish Federation of Toronto, and he served the IDF in highly sensitive intelligence, combat, security, and counter terror missions with distinction. Doron holds a degree in Criminal Justice from John J College and when not at work enjoys spending time with his family and giving back to his community.

William Villanueva

VP, Special Projects

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Jose Gonzalez

Director of Operations

Jose Gonzalez is the Director of Operations at Aegis Security & Investigations.  He has more than two decades of management and security experience, including private security, corporate and entertainment security services.  Notable are the many years he spent developing and building a security program from the ground up for Netflix…

He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and is a graduate of USC’s CREATE program in Terrorism and Counterterrorism Operations.
Mark also has extensive experience and expertise in the field of private security and investigations.  He is a licensed private investigator and served as the President of a national private security corporation for over 15 years. Mark is a nationally recognized expert in Active Shooter incidents and is a member of the FBI National Academy Associates (FBINAA), Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).

Robert Sanchez

Area Manager, Central California

Providing clients with cost conscious and effective security solutions is Robert’s passion. Robert is detail oriented with each client earning their trust by providing exactly what he promises – a responsive, quality service they can trust.

He also has extensive experience in the classroom teaching the BSIS Powers of Arrest curriculum as well as related specialized security officer training including: suspicious activities identification and reporting, security analysis, and deployment planning designed to meet and exceed the needs of everyday clients. His passion for perfection and desire to continuously improve the quality of his operation has earned the respect of both his security team and customers alike.

Justin Lee

Area Manager, Northern California

Justin has over 15 years of experience in the security industry. His professional background includes loss prevention, retail security, bail enforcement, and hospitality security support. As one of the leading hospitality, residential, commercial property, and high rise security experts in Northern California, he presently oversees over 4000 units of high end class A and multiple boutique commercial buildings with luxury tenants in the Bay Area…

He also has extensive experience in the classroom teaching the BSIS Powers of Arrest curriculum as well as related specialized security officer training including: suspicious activities identification and reporting, security analysis, and deployment planning designed to meet and exceed the needs of everyday clients. His passion for perfection and desire to continuously improve the quality of his operation has earned the respect of both his security team and customers alike.

Jesse Cerritos AEGIS Security & Investigations

Jesse Cerritos

Area Manager, Los Angeles

Jesse has more than 20 years of experience in operations, logistics, and security.  Jesse began his career in the security industry as a guard, where he built his knowledge and expertise with everything from VIP protection, to safeguarding property, to transportation of valuables and currency.

Jesse has also worked as a law enforcement officer for a local agency where he spent several years further honing his craft.  Jesse is now the Area Manager for the Los Angeles region, where he provides field training for the security staff and focuses on providing great customer service to current and future clients and staff.

Joseph Martino

Area Manager, San Diego

J.R. Martino is a Operations Manager at AEGIS Security & Investigations. His background includes twelve years in the Army National Guard with 2 one year long deployments in Iraq and Jordan…

as well as over twenty years in the security industry, engaging in celebrity, VIP, executive protection details, and security management in a variety of settings. J.R. was an AT&T Corporate Security Supervisor for 5 years in the Chicago home base for AT&T and also spent 5 years doing federal contract security.In the Army, J.R. served as a Operations NCO and Truckmaster for 2 different Army Battalions as well as many other supervisor roles in his time of service.J.R. has a son that he spends most of his free time with unless he’s out riding his Harley around the San Diego area.

David Macias

Operations Manager, Los Angeles

David Macias has been in the security industry for 9+ years with a focus in studio security. Starting his career at Fox Studios and then Sony Studios, David worked as a Service Center Specialist which helped him gain a wealth of experience in security access control systems.

With the skills acquired throughout his career in the studio industry; he helped build the parking office and dispatch department at Netflix (Los Angeles). David has made the transition from an RSOC Security Dispatcher for Netflix to an Operations Manager for AEGIS. Attention to detail and great customer service are of the utmost importance to him. He has the same drive and dedication working with his AEGIS team. When not managing 200+ security officers, David likes to spend time with his wife and 5-year-old son.

Kelsey Good

Director of HR

Kelsey is AEGIS’ HR Generalist & Recruiter, which entails handling recruiting, employment verification, training compliance, general office matters, and elements of human resources management…

She helps employees with general inquiries about pay, work hours, and site locations. She also helps clients with general pricing and our availability to best suit their needs. Kelsey graduated from California State University, Northridge in 2019 with a B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences. Outside of the office, Kelsey is an avid home gardener and volunteers in low income neighborhoods to establish urban agriculture and enjoys hiking with her three golden retrievers and her goober boyfriend Alan who loves his plethora of late model Toyota trucks and bagels.

Leia Bonilla

Scheduling Manager

Leia started with Aegis in 2017 as an Operations Assistant and has since then taken on responsibilities expanding her knowledge and skills within our company. She now holds the title of the Los Angeles Area Scheduling Manager, or as she likes to put it she is the Keeper of Schedules, Guards and Dragons.

As the Scheduling Manager, she oversees all  short term and long term scheduling as well as keeping track of time clocks for our employees. She comes from a background in the hair industry being a hair stylist for over 10 years.

Charles Jasper

Director of Protective Intelligence & Ops Manager

Charles Jasper is an Operations Manager for AEGIS and served in the United States Army as an air defense artillery and force protection officer, and has spent his post-service life in corporate security and investigations.

He has extensive experience over a combined 14 year-long career in conducting security and threat analyses, training individuals and groups, and physical security assessments, most recently for a multi-national real estate development company. He speaks Spanish at a professional level, Italian and basic Arabic. His passions are writing about security and emergency preparedness, cooking, the outdoors, and his family.

Terrence Black

Terrence Black

HR Manager, Northern California
Terrence Black was born and raised in Oakland, California. As a Bay Area native, he always strives towards creating diversity and inclusion for people to have the experience and access to tools that can better local communities.

He enjoys uplifting and encouraging people to always strive for the best possible outcomes in life both at work and in his personal life. In his free time he loves to write songs, cook, raise his dog and hangout with friends and family.

Nicky Frankel

HR Manager, Southern California

Nicky has recently taken on the position as full time recruiter for our growing company. She has spent the past 8 years in Israel, where she served in the IDF, worked in security and studied behavioral science, in Jerusalem’s Hadassah college.

Nickys ultimate goal to world domination is a secret recipe involving all things pink, cheetos, and for some reason a goldfish. Her achievements include receiving an award in the army over all the other people, because clearly they weren’t as good as her. Not being even 5 feet and sometimes passing as a child in Disneyland, getting kids priced shoes. Still knowing how to do a cartwheel, even after all this time.

Diana Marshall

Senior Recruiter

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