KnightScope Autonomous Security Robots

Autonomous Security Patrols

AEGIS has been chosen as one of a select few authorized providers of Knightscope autonomous security robots.

Costs for these systems is typically about half the cost of what a human security officer costs; and they don’t sleep. These robots can be deployed in stationary locations (ingress/egress points), indoors, or outdoors. They can function fully autonomously and be monitored in real time via the integrated KSOC cloud based portal. Operating alone or in conjunction with a human security teams, Knightscope security robots are the force multiplier that fill gaps in security and keeps businesses and communities safe.

AEGIS Security & Investigations provides these autonomous security robots throughout the continental United States via our partnership with Knightscope.

Features Include:

Security Upgrades

  • Assignable Routes and Waypoints
  • Quad Automatic License Plate Recognition
  • Parking Enforcement Analytics
  • Strobe Light and Color-Configurable LED Lights
  • Custom Broadcast Messaging
  • Two-Way Live Intercom
  • Live Audio and Autonomous Conversation Capabilities
  • Human Detection
  • Automatic Signal Detection
  • Thermal Scanning
  • RFID Badge Reader

AV Upgrades

  • 360 Degree On Demand Live Video
  • Up to 4k Ultra HD 360 Degree Video
  • Up to 30 days Data Storage
  • Cellular Connectivity with Data Plan
  • Unlimited Live Video Streaming (with WiFi connection)

Support Services

  • Nationwide Deployment Capability with Setup and Configuration
  • 24×7 Operation with Autonomous Charging
  • Custom Decals and Markings
  • Standard Monitoring Area Signage
  • Browser-based User Interface (KSOC) for Multiple Authorized Client Users
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring and Support
  • On-Site Maintenance and Support
  • Forensics Support
  • Unlimited Software and Firmware Upgrades
  • Eligible Hardware Upgrades

The autonomous security vehicle, K7, is currently in development. The vehicle will be capable of operating outdoors and in varying environments.

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