Corporate Security Vernon

Corporate Security Vernon

AEGIS Security & Investigations specializes in providing Vernon corporate security services to clients requiring a higher level of service. Typical Vernon corporate security includes posted or roaming security guards during operation in the day or patrolling at night. Reliability and professionalism are paramount in the selected guard service. Where most companies provide guards that are minimally trained and generally must be supervised, AEGIS Security & Investigations makes a strong effort to exclusively hire personnel equal to the quality of other company’s supervisors. This extra effort means the selected staff are more reliable, professional and able to manage themselves, let alone others.

Corporate security in Vernon isn’t just about guard service. It is about creating an effective solution to ensure immediate and ongoing accomplishment of security objectives. This is typically a processes that is implemented at least a month before a guard ever steps foot on a client site. The first step in the process is conducting a threat and vulnerability assessment of the office, building or complex. By establishing a baseline understanding of client objectives, current trends, physical security measures, policies and procedures as well as an understanding of emergency management, AEGIS can begin the process to establish best practices as well as make valuable improvements.

The second step in establishing quality Vernon corporate security is to select the security staff for the post. While most security companies turn their staff over and arbitrarily assign their guards, AEGIS takes great care in assigning guards who will excel at their given post. A person who only has experience and training to work at a night club will not be assigned a post at an office without proper training just as an experienced commercial security officer will not be assigned a post at a high end hotel without proper training.

What is proper training for corporate security in Vernon? It depends on the client site and their expectations as well as the policies and procedures being implemented. A small office complex with multiple tenants may require more frequent patrols than a large office building. However security in a large office building may require familiarity with fire life safety systems, specialized training on emergency procedures and evacuation, as well as guest screening and badging.

When it comes to Vernon office security, professionalism is key. The security staff is likely interacting with tenants, guests, maintenance workers, property managers, and other members of the security team. A professional security guard not only represents the interests and appearance of these stake holders, but the company they are contracted to work for as well.

Jobs security staff working at an office building or office complex in Vernon may include access control, receptionist, parking enforcement, assisting with hostile employee terminations, perimeter patrols, and overnight security. These jobs require the ability to work cooperatively with other departments as well to follow and implement explicit instructions.

AEGIS Security & Investigations’ goal is to meet and exceed our clients’ security, investigation, training and consulting expectations.