Security Consultant Downey

Security Consultant Downey

AEGIS security consultants in Downey collectively have decades of experience conducting threat assessments, advances, target hardening, training, penetration testing and consulting. With credentials including licensed private patrol operator, licensed private investigator, certified protection professional, and both current and former law enforcement, our clients are assured their needs will be handled with discretion and care resulting in the securest site possible.

Threat assessments are defined as the act of identifying, analyzing, and managing people, organizations, sites and processes that may be subject to acts of terrorism, crime, or natural hazards. When contracting a Downey security consultant to conduct a threat assessment, the processes typically evolves over multiple days and includes observation of the site, employees and the public. It also includes intelligence analysis, reviewing crime reports, collecting historical data, policy analysis and both police response time as well as fire and EMS response time. By conducting a threat assessment, the client makes a commitment to both prevention and response of incidents.

Target hardening is defined as the act of deploying policies, procedures, training and physical security design to enhance the ability to defend against crime or natural hazards. AEGIS security consultants in Downey utilize techniques known as crime prevention through environmental design aka CPTED. This comprehensive service employed by security consultants has been proven by government facilities, the military, schools and universities as well as corporations and individuals to increase sustainability in a hostile environment.

Advances are conducted, typically in conjunction with protective services, also known as bodyguards, personal protection agents or executive protection agents. Personal protection agents must plan for contingencies and be able to handle any situation. This includes establishing routes, analyzing the route and destination, creating ingress and egress plans, and creating policies and procedures in accordance with best practices. The expert AEGIS security consultants in Downey can conduct an advance to where their client is planning on traveling, establishing a residence or operation.

AEGIS Security & Investigations provides field trained, incident tested, experienced security consultants to conduct penetration testing and a covert security audit of our clients’ current security protocols. We attempt to subvert the current system and expose potential vulnerabilities.

In addition to all hazards security consulting in Downey, the AEGIS security consultant service also includes optional training for all individuals on site. Whether it is workplace violence, pre-incident indicators, first aid/CPR certification, security license refresher training or guard card training, AEGIS security consultants will rely on their skills and experience to train the individuals on site to handle any situation they encounter.

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