Security Bell Gardens

Security Bell Gardens

Finding high quality Bell Gardens security professionals can be hard. Let AEGIS Security & Investigations help ensure the safety and security of your site!

Armed security in Bell Gardens is a specialized service often requested by clients with verified or unverifiable threats, high net worth individuals, celebrities or businesses with expensive product or sensitive information worth protecting. Armed security guards must maintain basic training and recertification standards set forth by licensing agencies. Armed security best practices however, exceeds minimal training requirements to include advanced powers to arrest, use of force, and active shooter mitigation in addition to firearms training. Because most private security companies do not typically offer advanced training, the most proficient armed security guards are traditionally former military. As former military members, they received initial and ongoing firearms training by the government, of which, the benefits are passed down in the private sector.

AEGIS Security & Investigations prides itself on offering top armed security officers in Bell Gardens, exceeding the industry standard in training, screening and execution. AEGIS Security & Investigations armed guards have protected valuable jewelry and high end items, homes for high net worth individuals and famous celebrities, expensive cargo, manufacturing facilities, and sensitive programs. The benefits of maintaining an Bell Gardens armed security presence are not only as a deterrent but a force and force response to active threats.

Commercial facilities security includes personnel, asset and property protection at manufacturing facilities, shipping and receiving docks, businesses and store fronts, and light industrial complexes. This service is armed and unarmed according to client need and specifications. AEGIS Security & Investigations’ professional security in Bell Gardens can assist with maintaining a visual deterrent against crime and confronting suspicious individuals at the protected site. Security guards can also assist with receiving visitors and deliveries, checking employees in and out, issues and receiving keys, and of course, conducting patrols. In addition, a skilled security officer in Bell Gardens can assist with audits, investigations and assisting in managing emergencies as well as acting as a liaison with law enforcement.

High rise office security evolved from lobby ambassadors to a full service, security and counter terrorism operations in the aftermath of 9/11. AEGIS Security & Investigations high rise security officers in Bell Gardens are tasked with checking tenant employees in and out, issuing ID and access control cards, and responding to lock outs. From a counter terrorism approach, these same security guards must be cross trained in surveillance detection and understanding and recognizing pre-incident indicators of terrorism. Lastly high rise office security must be trained in fire life safety systems and managing large scale evacuations in the event of an emergency.

Home owners association security, also known as HOA security, is typically tasked with providing dedicated patrol services in Bell Gardens in addition to working a guard booth. These HOA security officers needs to become familiar with the residential communities and homes they are tasked with protecting. AEGIS Security & Investigations may be tasked with responding to suspicious persons or vehicles, alarms and burglaries. The security guards working at an HOA in Bell Gardens are also charged with managing a guard booth access point to the community. This includes receiving visitors and guests and calling residents for approval in addition to other tasks.

Estate security is almost exclusively contracted to those who are wealthy, VIPs, celebrities or with active threats. Quality security consulting coupled with a professional security team from AEGIS Security & Investigations can keep the grounds and activities within a private estate effectively private. Estate security Bell Gardens can provide perimeter protection both armed and unarmed. Personnel assigned to an estate may also be tasked with receiving and screening visitors, deliveries, and guests as well as dealing with other employees and managing contractors. Hiring quality estate security that integrates with the client’s operation is an indispensable tool at maintaining safety and security at a private estate.

Event security is a necessity when an event includes celebrities, VIPs, a guest list, alcohol, or a cover charge is being collected. AEGIS Security & Investigations event security Bell Gardens can assist in managing all aspects of a function, whether it is a wedding, corporate event, club or restaurant. Finding a qualified and knowledgeable contractor isn’t just about what management says the security company can do. It is backed up by their ability to dispatch quality security guards in a variety of settings who are able to balance their skills and necessity to client needs. AEGIS Security & Investigations specializes in managing special events.

Hotel security is where firms dedicated to customer service brand image excel. Most security companies providing services to the general market screen during recruitment for security experience. AEGIS Security & Investigations is unique in that guards are screened for presentation and customer service ability to reflect well on behalf of our clients. Contracted hotel security is responsible for assisting the hotel staff in preserving a safe, calm, quiet environment for hotel guests while maintaining safety and security for the property. Hotel security Bell Gardens must also be responsible for lock outs, incident reporting, emergency management, responding to calls for assistance and managing client relations. AEGIS Security & Investigations’ professionally contracted hotel security guard can provide a polished front of the house image designed to represent the client’s brand to the same standard and quality as their own employees.

Production security and entertainment security combine traditional security principles with managing scalable production work. Whether it is a commercial, television show, or feature film, a skilled production security in Bell Gardens from AEGIS Security & Investigations can make a big difference. From landing the trucks and cordoning off permit parking to managing basecamp, video village and satellite lots, experienced entertainment security guards are essential. Field supervisors are dispatched with multiple years of experience in managing production security and the guards are properly uniformed, briefed, and reliable. Whether it is on location, on the studio lot, or at a premier, AEGIS Security & Investigations’ professional production security staff facilitates a smooth operation.

Restaurant security is an essential component of managing any establishment that is open late, has a bar, or provides entertainment. AEGIS Security & Investigations security officers dispatched to a provide restaurant security must be professional, personable, and reliable. This position is unique in that more often than not, the guard is responsible to act a doorman, greeter, and customer service professional in addition to security. Tasked with representing the brand and establishment by being the first and last person a patron interacts with, restaurant security is an essential component of a smooth operation and an indispensable tool in managing incidents.

Club security is where security got its name. Big bouncer doorman with the power to allow or deny access, enforce rules and laws inside a club, and remove any trouble makers without incident. These guys were notorious for dishing out punishment as they saw fit in response to a customer’s behavior and didn’t have any qualms about showing it. Today, the job of club bouncers and restaurant security has changed to a higher class customer service based individual. They are responsible for greeting guests, establishing rapport and relationships, and wishing them a safe evening at the end of the night. AEGIS Security & Investigations club security in Bell Gardens goes a long way in establishing a brand and ensuring the venue has continued success and growth.

Retail security also known as retail loss prevention is the blending of ensuring a retail store is guarded against inside and outside theft as well as customer service. While retail security guards have to be aware and observant, they also have to be able to facilitate relationships with clients by being knowledgeable in other facets of the business. That knowledge includes product, operations, supply chain management, logistics as well as customer service. AEGIS Security & Investigations’ professional retail security loss prevention personnel in Bell Gardens can be the defining factor in managing a retail operation.

School security has been under extra scrutiny due to recent events with terrorism and shootings on campus. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators are all worried that their campus could be next. One of the ways a school can protect itself is by making it a less desirable target. Professional school security on Bell Gardens campuses can provide both a visible deterrent against crime and terrorism while providing a function service in maintaining safety on campus. AEGIS Security & Investigations’ professional school security officers are fair, firm and consistent in how they manage relationships with students, faculty and staff. School security officers may or may not have limited peace office powers, depending on the manner of which they are contracted. Regardless, having positive roll models providing security and safety services can greatly reduce the chance of targeted school violence happening where school security is posted.

Jewish temple security and church security, also known as faith based institution security, is a necessity of operation. Jewish temples in Bell Gardens are a high value target with their relation to Israel and with regard to terrorism. As such, Jewish temples require security not only for events and holidays, but also for their daily operation. Churches require security for daily operations as well. The public in general assumes churches will provide assistance to those in need, exposing them to people from all walks of life. Church security guards must be able to enforce policy, procedure, and law while still maintaining relationships with those they come in contact with.