Production Rentals

AEGIS is the exclusive broker of the CTTC’s full service tactical training facility for use of production companies for television, film and commercial shoots. With our experience in providing production security on location, we understand the needs and constraints production and location managers face in Los Angeles. Our facility is located within the thirty mile zone aka the studio zone and is a private and central location with plenty of on-site parking and fully equipped for a full tactical experience.

The CTTC is a 12,500 sq ft training facility in Los Angeles with 40 customizable rooms that allow for specific training requirements. The facility currently includes three stairwells, a mock residential home, doctors office, business office, classroom, long hallways, upper attic, restaurant, and a CQB defensive tactics mat. The facility also houses two fully functional classrooms with AV as well as a 4 person SIMUNITION® shooting range. This facility is a qualified SIMUNITION® range and is listed under the General Dynamics/SIMUNITION® website among the very few qualified range programs on the West Coast and in Southern California.

The facility equipment locker includes pistol, carbine, and shotgun training at 8 yards to 100 yards and is monitored by “tracking CCTV” for real time and debrief instructor analysis. There is also a observation catwalk for instructional and observational purposes during sessions. 
Need SIMUNITION® weapons, airsoft weapons or gear for your production? They’re on site and available for rental. Bring the cameras, props, lights and talent – our tactical training facility is available for your production needs.

Please complete this form if you are interested in the utilizing our facility for your production shoot.
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