Online Active Shooter Training

Realistic Online Active Shooter Training

Online active shooter training that is as real as it gets and designed for civilians.

Online Active Shooter Training

30 Minutes Each

These active shooter training courses are designed based on AEGIS’ one hour live lectures. They have been adapted for a unique immersive online delivery that challenges participants to make decisions that could be the difference between life and death.

Active Shooter Response

Participants learn theory and proven techniques on taught by security experts based on the Run, Hide, Fight methodology. This online active shooter training is designed for civilians and private sector professionals to increase their personal resiliency and the likelihood of surviving an incident before the police arrive. By the end of the online course, participants will have a thorough understanding of how active shooter incidents evolve, increasing their resiliency. Topics include:

  • Situational awareness
  • Personal preparedness
  • Understanding threat vectors
  • Evacuation techniques
  • Finding cover and concealment
  • Lockdown methodology
  • Tactics to fight back as a last resort
  • Case study scenarios


Active Shooter Preparedness

This course is an introduction to security and emergency preparedness principles. It will provide the participant with an understanding of emergency preparedness fundamentals in the workplace.

This course will teach the participant to:

  • Assess capabilities and vulnerabilities in their environment
  • Develop and test a security and emergency plan
  • Understand the importance of policies and procedures
  • Learn via delivering training courses and exercises with drill

The purpose of this training is to teach you that preparedness allows us to be proactive in mitigating the damage a threat can cause. Keep in mind not having a plan or being prepared for an emergency can result in loss of time, resources, money, and lives. “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail”

Active Shooter Prevention

Through practical methodologies, this course is designed to train the participant in understanding how critical the concept of prevention is required to actively save lives and secure assets.

This course will teach the participant to:

  • Recognize indicators for potential violence
  • Understand the difference between proactive and reactive security
  • Achieve deterrence through proactive security
  • Analyze the methods of operation of a potential attacker
  • To report suspicious activity and to mitigate risk prior to an attack

The objectives of this course are to identify best practices in incident prevention with the goal of mitigating risk from, interrupting the planning of, and deterring an attacker from choosing your location to carry out their plan of attack.

Workplace Violence Self Assessment

Training programs historically are instructor-based lectures that do not engage participants’ core understanding of the principles learned during a course. Today, we will apply all the security awareness principles in our environment in realistic and meaningful ways.

The Active Shooter Self Assessment Table Top is a test designed to help the participants acknowledge, through diverse assessments, the information provided in the modules included in the Power to Arrest course.

The test will be divided in:

  • Open questions to stimulate the participant to think about what to do when facing an attack.
  • Open questions related to a case scenario, how the participant felt, and how much is remembered.
  • Questions in a PDF format for the participant to print to have them present at all times.

Live Active Shooter Training

These workshops are designed for individuals from the public and private sector and designed for pre-law enforcement response. The goal of this training is to establish a baseline reaction coming from the perspective of a potential victim to active shooter incidents, retrain the instinctual reactions, and offer practical solutions to countering threats. Participants will be required to in good health and to sign a liability and medical waiver prior to participating in workshops with demos.

Level 1: How to Survive an Active Shooter Lecture – 1 Hour
Maximum Participants: 100
Participants will learn proven techniques on how to survive an active shooter taught by a security expert and professional instructor. This training is designed for civilians and private sector professionals to increase their personal resiliency and the likelihood of surviving an incident before the police arrive. Additional information regarding statistics pulled from FBI and related reports will be discussed to support developing the threat profiles for suspicious persons. Threat response topics include: how to escape during an incident, how to barricade and lock down, how to report to law enforcement, and how to fight back using improvised weapons, if absolutely necessary. By the end of the lecture, participants will have a thorough understanding of how active shooter incidents begin and evolve.

Level 2A: How to Survive an Active Shooter w/ Demos – 2 Hours
Maximum Participants: 50
The second level workshop includes the “How to Survive an Active Shooter Lecture.” In addition, students will learn to deploy the concepts taught during the training in an environment that will test their skills and thought processes, challenging them to react faster under stressful situations. Participants will experience simulated scenarios in their own environment (school, workplace, etc) in which they will be forced to react using the tools and techniques they’ve learned to survive when the bullets start flying. This kind of training is as real as it gets.

Level 2B: Workplace Violence Prevention & Active Shooter Survival- 2 Hours
Maximum Participants: 50
The second level workshop includes the “How to Survive an Active Shooter Lecture.” In addition, table top case studies will be reviewed, prevention measures will be taught, and signs of impending violence will be discussed while threat profiles for suspicious individuals are created. Pre-planning, attention to detail, and environmental situational awareness are stressed. Included table top exercises that test participants’ knowledge, understanding, and reaction to perceived threats and crowd source immediately risk deployable mitigation strategies to minimize potential threats to the workplace.

Level 3: Workplace Violence Prevention & Active Shooter Survival Workshop w/ Demos – 4 Hours
Maximum Participants: 50
The third level workshop includes all of the above Level 1 and Level 2 content to create a comprehensive, hands-on, immersive, learning workshop. It is considered AEGIS’ gold standard program employers should provide to their staff in today’s elevated threat environment.

Level 4: Executive Team Security Assessment w/ Level 3 Prevention & Survival Workshop – 8 Hours
Maximum Participants: 20
The fourth level workshop begins with a customized rapid physical security assessment based on crime prevention through environmental design with an emphasis on target hardening and root cause analysis as well as review of both the standard operating procedures and emergency action plans. Prior incidents are discussed while perceived and potential threat vectors are identified. At the conclusion of this session, compiled field notes with options for consideration will be provided for the basis for drafting proposed physical, SOP, and EAP improvements. The second half of this session is a delivery of the Level 3 Workshop above for up to 50 participants. This full day program is designed for top level directors and executives interested in adapting their current security programs to the prevailing threats in the world today.

Upgrade Demos to Live Fire Drills – (weapon, gear and role player)
Maximum Participants: 50

Upgrade to Include Stop The Bleed – Open Wound Bleeding Control Workshop – 1 Additional Hour
Maximum Participants: 50


Recent Local Incidents: San Bernadino – December 2015, 14 Killed, 17 injured, Isla Vista – May 2014, 6 Killed, 14 Injurerd, LAX – November 2013 – 1 Killed, 3 Wounded Santa Monica – June 2013 – 6 Killed, 4 Wounded Christopher Dorner – February 2013 – 4 Killed, 3 Wounded North Valley JCC – August 1999 – 5 Wounded

Recent Incidents Around the Country: Lafeyette TheaterJuly 2015 – 2 Killed, 1 Injured, Fort Hood – April 2014 – 3 Killed, 16 Injured Sandy Hook – December 2012 – 27 Killed, 1 Injured Aurora Colorado Movie Theater – July 2012 – 12 Killed, 58 Injured Fort Hood – November 2009 – 13 Killed, 32 Injured Virgina Tech – April 2007 – 32 Killed, 17 Injured

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