James Bond the Bodyguard

Bodyguards, close protection specialists, executive protection experts… These words and phrases all synonymous. They are the person who has a single mission, to protection the client and their interests at all costs. Many people see bodyguards as a cross between James Bond and a wrestler. They visualize a large muscular man someone who knows how to shoot their way out of situations or beat up and neutralize gangs of attackers simultaneously.

The reality is: the best bodyguards are men and women who are skilled in identifying potential risks and hazards before they happen and putting countermeasures in place to ensure incidents are averted. A thorough advance and threat assessment creates actionable environmental intelligence. This coupled with good planning, pre-determined primary and secondary protocols, and skill in reacting with a clear mind means both the bodyguard and the client will be able to respond in 99.9% of scenarios.

These ideas fall within AEGIS Private Security’s philosophies of all around detection and deterrence, prevention, and mitigation. Then again, when push comes to shove, James Bond never did fail to get the job done.

Jeffrey Zisner
Owner / Qualified Manager
AEGIS Private Security
CA PPO #16744