Big Problems, Smart Bouncers, Big Reward

Restaurants, bars, venues, night clubs – they all have a couple things in common. Alcohol, lots of people and noise. Many concepts go into having a useful and proactive security plan: minimum staffing ratios, solid company policy, quality training, and effective guards. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have good quality control. They provide people to fulfill contracts, not client needs. Security guards may look the part but when push comes to shove, how well they look doesn’t always translate to mitigating problems.

AEGIS Private Security has zero tolerance when it comes to unprofessional services. We don’t recruit openly. We screen our staff thoroughly and only hire based on internal referrals. In doing this, our staff is personally held accountable for brining others in to our team. As a second quality control measure, guards who show up late, don’t look professional, and who don’t provide a consistent quality product are let go immediately. Our clients expect excellence and we strive to continually provide it to them. AEGIS staff functions autonomously, much in the way most company’s supervisors do.

With a professional contractor who hires quality staff, clients can rest easy with the idea that security has been taken care of by the experts.

Our Services include:
-Security consulting, vulnerability and threat assessments
-Customized and site specific post orders
-Dedicated site supervisors, posted and patrolling security agents
-Enforcement of law, rules, and regulations
-Access and perimeter control and line management
-ID check, pat down search and metal detecting
-Scalable staff for promotions, events, high season, etc
-Weekly shift confirmation
-Mass notification to replace, add, or change personnel
-Direct line to management
-Procurement of dedicated mobile radio communication and metal detecting
-Choice of uniformed, all black attire, or suit and tie

Jeffrey Zisner
Owner / Qualified Manager
AEGIS Private Security
CA PPO #16744