Managing Expectations

Security companies in large metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego are so concerned about acquiring new contacts they often lose sight of the mission. Whether its protecting jewelry, property, buildings, or people, the ultimate goal of contracted security services is safety and security. Clients expect what the account manager, operations manager, or company owner tells them. If a company bids a contract well below the industry average, promises high quality personnel, but delivers low paid, low quality staff, the resulting issues have wide ranging negative effects.

In the end, the quality of a security company is determine primarily by the employees who represent it. AEGIS Private Security invests time and energy to ensure we can stand by the promises made to clients. We do that by taking in to account the needs of clients and the abilities, type, and fit of our staff and match them for effectiveness. This personalized type of service ultimately leads to motivated personnel working in environments they can succeed in, translating to a superior service our clients respect and appreciate.

It’s okay to promise a client the moon, as long as you can get them there safely.

We proudly serve Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Downtown LA, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Brentwood, Burbank, Studio City, etc