Good Security or Great Security

A man walks in to a night club in Los Angeles, Hollywood, or Vegas. He is dressed for the occasion wearing his nicest shoes, a brand new pair of jeans, and his favorite button down stripe shirt. He circles the club, acclimating and adapting to the vibrant atmosphere. He has no intention of inciting any incidents, but has full intention of having a great evening. He walks up to the bar to order his favorite drink…

Just then, a beautiful woman in a red glitter dress catches his eye. His gaze lingers as they make eye contact. As she walks by, his eyes and head turn as do hers. There is electricity in the air. As his body turns sharply away from the bar, his elbow collides with the elbow of the man next to him, spilling the man’s full glass or beer all over his favorite shirt, new jeans, and nice shoes. His hands instantly close, forming tight fists ready for combat. His now enraged eyes meet those of the other man…

This scenario happens time and time again in night clubs all around the world. What happens next determines many things. Will these men walk away this evening, will they leave in an ambulance or worse a body bag? Will they be spending the night in jail awaiting arraignment for assault, battery, and disturbing the peace?

The good security officer will respond in kind, breaking up this, what seems to be, extraordinarily unnecessary fight. They subdue the aggressor before much physical harm has been done and either remove them from the club, or call law enforcement to process his arrest.

The GREAT security officer utilizes their senses, relying on their ability to instantaneously filter relevant information from the vast intake of sight, sound, smell, and touch in the club. With the ability to distinguish subtle differences in mannerisms, expressions, and body language, the GREAT security officer observes this situation develop and intervenes during the precise instant prior to a physical altercation. The patrons are talked down utilizing active de-escalation techniques and fight is averted.

AEGIS Private Security Los Angeles focuses heavily on screening and training to ensure our staff are not simply good security officers, but that they are GREAT security officers.

AEGIS Private Security: Our mission is to identify, meet, and exceed our clients’ security, investigation, training, and policy expectations.