Recruiting Quality Personnel is a Challenge

There comes a time when every company must put out advertisements in order to recruit quality personnel for an expanding operation. In today’s job market, with a current unemployment rate of 9.1%, one would think hundreds of people would be jumping at the opportunity to be a security officer, bodyguard, investigator, or security consultant. And that is true, at least on the surface.

AEGIS Private Security recently accepted over three hundred resumes for available security positions. Resumes were screened for experience, education, completeness, professionalism, verbiage, grammar, layout, and more. Two hundred and seventy did not make the initial cut.

Approximately thirty candidates were called in for interviews, of which fifteen reported at the predetermined date and time. Only ten were offered employment.

This kind of response goes to show the kind of personnel that are working in the private security field today. 97% of the candidates who applied were unprofessional or unqualified and will likely end up working for another security company.

So be careful out there when contracting for security services. 97% of the personnel that you be contracting to don’t meet the stringent requirements to be on staff with AEGIS Private Security.

We are currently recruiting staff for work in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Beverly Hills and Malibu. Go to for more information.

Jeff Zisner
AEGIS Private Security
CA PPO #16744

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