Black Friday & Holiday Security

With Black Friday and the holiday season coming around the corner, retailers are gearing up for a busy shopping season. Regardless of whether shopping at a high end retail boutique in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive or at the Walmart near USC, customers will be encountering a similar environment.

Retailers will be offering fabulous door busting deals, heavily discounted good loss leaders, and manager specials. These kinds of deals breed several issues from the security perspective. The first is a basic crowd control one. Retailers must be willing to bring in enough personnel to manage the crowd and physical barriers to direct it. This may include standtions (velvet or similar ropes between poles), caution tape, fencing, wood barriers, or k-rails. Second, both management and security need the ability to effectively communicate with the public. Often, the deepest discounts are for a limited number of product. With a ever growing population, more and more people will turn out to purchase sale new items. The result is a smaller ratio of happy customers to those that show up but don’t end up acquiring the product or savings.

As a result, both security and management have to be patient but also effective at communicating these concepts to customers. AEGIS Private Security screens personnel heavily for communication ability and customer service skills. We are confident the personnel we deploy operate at a level equal or greater to most company’s supervisors. That is just one component that results in the AEGIS Difference.

Jeff Zisner
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