Commercial Crimes Seminar Was A Success! – LA Sheriff's Dept, Secret Service, FBI and AEGIS Security & Investigations

FBI Special Agent Reggie Miles enlightens the audience about the benefits of joining Infragard
LA County Sheriff’s Sargeant Dana McCants explains the job of the Commercial Crimes Bureau

The April 3rd, 2012 Commercial Crimes Seminar hosted by the City of West Hollywood in partnership with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, FBI, Secret Service and AEGIS Private Security & Investigations was a success! Attendees from the private sector included hotel managers, public safety directors, retail managers and loss prevention investigators.

After a brief introduction, FBI Special Agent and Los Angeles Infragard Coordinator Regina Miles provided valuable information regarding the public sector / private sector partnership the program strives to enrich. Infragard is a collaboration among all levels of law enforcement and the private sector to create effective and near real time information for the purpose of reaction, investigation, and mitigation. In addition, Infragard provides many outlets for private sector professional development as well as networking opportunities. More information regarding the Los Angeles Infragard program, including how to become a member, can be found at Thank you Reggie for your support and dedication.

Sargeant Dana McCants followed with an informative presentation outlining strategies utilized by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to combat fraud, commercial crime, identity theft, real estate scams, and elder fraud. As a lead investigator and subject matter expert, he answered questions regarding how members of the private sector can be more aware of potential commercial crimes and scams, as well as how to respond to them and who to call.

Wrapping up the speakers was Special Agent Jaime Aviles from the Los Angeles Fraud Squad of the United States Secret Service. He brought with him show and tell skimmers seized during investigations here in Los Angeles with the ability to store thousands of credit card numbers, verification numbers, pin codes, and more. His presentation also included instances of personal security with examples of skimmers placed at gas stations, attached to cell phones, and remotely through the use of RFID tags. Special Agent Aviles also introduced the attendees to how the Secret Service conducts complex financial investigations and organized retail crime.

A special thank you to all the speakers who presented at this seminar. AEGIS Private Security & Investigations looks forward to working with Infragard to host upcoming seminars which may include an “Active Shooters Tabletop Exercise for Public Venues”, a seminar on “All Hazards Emergency Response for Public Venues”, and “VIP Protection for Clients & Guests.”

If you have any questions about future training opportunities, Infragard, or services provided by AEGIS Private Security & Investigations, please email [email protected].

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