How to Hire Event Security in Los Angeles

Every security company in Los Angeles from Beverly Hills to Hidden Hills and from Hollywood to Santa Monica claims they are a one stop vendor for all things security, including special events. The fact is, special event security is a a highly specialized service and depending on the attendees demographic, time, location and purpose, can vary as much as the kind of security guards working it.

Special event security is unique in that clients expect a one time influx of high quality, personable and professional security staff to operate as a well oiled machine, often at a venue they have little or no familiarity with. Add in access control, searches and metal detection, VIP and list management, cash handling, liquor, dancing and nightlife and you’ve got a powder keg of highly volatile circumstances ready to cause all sorts of issues.

When contracting a security company for special events, clients in California must make sure the company they work with is a Private Patrol Operator licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, and maintains both general liability and workers compensation coverage. In addition, the contractor needs special event security management experience managing similar operations and can provide the necessary equipment including uniforms, radios, metal detectors and first aid kits. Clients should be assured management will do a pre-event walk through or a minimum, be confident with their ability to develop a security plan onsite in real time.

A standard contract limits the liability of the security company to their staff’s negligence, however for an individual or uninsured promotion, a quality security may offer additional insured, waiver of subrogation and primary wording at an additional cost. These insurance designations add extra layers of protection to the person or business contracting the services.

Lastly, stay on top of your security contractor and make sure they are doing the job they have been hired for. Many companies hire poor quality and underpaid guards resulting in less than desirable services. Make sure your staff has presentable guards that show up for work on time and do the job to the best of their ability. Clients shouldn’t be afraid to address concerns to the site supervisor, but understand he or she is the experienced security professional and should have a reason for doing things a particular way.

AEGIS Private Security has extensive experience in special event security and management. To date, we have a spotless record free of any major issues providing contracted security services to our clients.

Event services we have been contracted for include:

– Red Carpet Events
– Private Events and Private Parties
– Concerts and Music Festivals
– Club, Restaurant, Bar and Lounge Grand Openings
– Holiday Celebrations
– High School Proms, Dances and Grad Nights
– Charitable Events

I sincerely hope you have learned something to ensure your next special event is safe and secure.


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