The July 11th, 2012 Active Shooters on Campus Seminar was a success!

The July 11th, 2012 Active Shooters on Campus Seminar at the Los Angeles Federal Building hosted by the Infragard Member’s Alliance with speakers from the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Los Angeles Police Department’s SWAT Team, California State University, Northridge’s Department of Police Services and AEGIS Private Security & Investigations was a success! Over 60 attendees from the private sector included school administrators, principals, psychologists, directors of security, members of municipal government, temple and church directors among many others.

After a brief introduction, FBI Special Agent Jeffrey Cugno, a school specialist and coordinator for the T.A.R.G.E.T. working group, presented on pre-incident indicators of an active shooter on campus. This included case studies of psychological profiles and of past incidents, the motivation behind the active shooter threat, and triggers that may lead to a future threat. For more information on school and college specific seminars or to be added to the T.A.R.G.E.T. working group, email [email protected].

LAPD SWAT Team Leader and President of L.E.A.D. Consultants, Officer Michael Odle presented on the tactical response to an on campus threat. This included the expectation of site administrators, procedures and protocol of both site employees and law enforcement, and useful strategies at de-escalating threats prior to the law enforcement response.  For more information on tactical training, visit

California State University, Northridge’s Emergency Manager, Kit Espinosa, presented on all hazards emergency management and preparedness. Her presentation focused on effective strategies to minimize the effects of mass casualty disasters, personal preparedness, response and recovery. For more information on CSUN’s Emergency Management operations as well as valuable resources, visit

AEGIS Private Security & Investigations Owner and Qualified Manager, Jeff Zisner, CPP, presented on target hardening. His presentation focused on the use of Department of Homeland Security Risk Management Process in order to prepare against threats, crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), and standing guard force procedures and management. For more information on security, investigation, training and consulting, visit or email Jeff at [email protected].

Lastly, FBI Special Agent and Los Angeles Infragard Coordinator Regina Miles provided valuable information regarding the public sector / private sector partnership Infragard strives to enrich. Infragard is a collaboration among all levels of law enforcement and the private sector to create effective and near real time information sharing for the purpose of crime prevention, investigation, and mitigation. In addition, Infragard provides many opportunities for professional development as well as networking opportunities. For more information regarding the Los Angeles Infragard Members Alliance, including how to become a member, visit Thank you Reggie for your support and dedication.

To purchase the Legal References for School Administrators pocket guide, visit

Attached is the editable vertical flip guide graciously provided by El Monte Union School District.

A special thank you to all the speakers who presented at this seminar. It is individuals like you who tirelessly strive to make our world a safer place.

AEGIS Private Security & Investigations looks forward to working with Infragard and other partners to host upcoming seminars which may include a “Introduction to Interview & Interrogation”, “VIP Protection for Clients & Guests,” and “Physical Controls for Security Personnel.” If you have any questions about future training opportunities, Infragard, or services provided by AEGIS Private Security & Investigations, please email [email protected].

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