Lost & Found – Skip Tacing At It's Best

My last skip tracing client was swindled. He is 48 years old, has two kids in high school and a beautiful home in Los Angeles. His wife just died of a very aggressive cancer and the contractor they had hired two years ago to build a guest house stole their $80,000 down payment.

When they realized he wasn’t coming back to finish the work, they had the courts issue a judgement against him. He had been paying the money back, until he simply vanished. He tried to track him down using background checks, court records and a Beverly Hills private investigator who yielded no results.

He came to me not only saddened by his misfortune, but the recent loss of his wife, hoping I could locate the thief.

After pulling his background, I begun with his address history and known associates. It was after about 20 minutes of research that I found he had recently lived for the last several years at an address in West Los Angeles, but nobody knew where he had moved to.

Stuck at a dead end, I turned to his work history. His contractors license had long been expired, but he had an active barbering license.

When a professional private investigator gets to a dead end, they figure out a way to create a new path. Convinced he hadn’t gone far, I began calling barber shops in the vicinity of his prior residence. 12 shops in, the receptionist said he was out to lunch, but she would take my name so I could make an appointment with him.

Needless to say, he wasn’t so happy when after my haircut, I gave him the option of paying my client his debt or going to jail for grand theft.

Call it skip tracing, people locate, tracking someone down or good ole fashioned private investigations, this is one more example of clients Experiencing the AEGIS Difference.

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