Recent Events: Club Security Hollywood & PI Beverly Hills

We recently had a special event in Hollywood where AEGIS was tasked with not only keeping the the club safe and secure but also escorting VIPs as well as the talent to and from the event, protecting them from overly ambitious fans. If you have ever been to a Hollywood party, the crowds are outgoing, privileged, and always looking to test the limits. This event was no different.

Upon arrival we were notified that there was not only a second promoter but a third and fourth as well. They were expecting a crowd of over 1000 rather than several hundred.

We had staff handling access control, pat downs, checking the list, posted on the stage and throughout the venue, but not enough to effectively handle a crowd of that size.

The client asked us to bring in addition staff as a safety precaution, reducing the ratio of patrons to security from 125:1 to 75:1. In a matter of an hour and a half, we had fulfilled the extra security guard request.

Another instance of customer service resulting in client satisfaction is a recent child custody case in which the father was seeking a modification in their original custody arrangement that followed their divorce. The woman had cheated on him with another man, after which she fell off the deep end. He didn’t have much money to spend on the modification so we referred him a trusted family law attorney in Beverly Hills.

Rather than initiating a standard surveillance investigation, he elected to notify us when he knew she was around. For the next several weeks, he contacted us at varied hours of the day night. Our team of investigators, always on the ready, we’re able to respond quickly, establishing surveillance on her. We gathered video and photos of her smoking around the child, driving erratically at excess speed, behaving abnormally and leaving the child alone in the company of he new boyfriend.

As a result of our professional and undercover surveillance, the father was able to establish a pattern winning him full custody of their child.

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