Black Friday Security

Black Friday is the time every year eager consumers lineup days early at their favorite retailers to score the best deals of the year on the latest trends. From Los Angeles to Sherman Oaks and Santa Monica to Burbank, and even Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, consumers will be shopping the for the best deal. Big hits this year may include the iPad, IPad Mini, iPhone 5, android tablets, specifically Samsung devices, and Intel Inspired Ultra Books, all of which can be found at the big retailers including BestBuy, Walmart, and Target.

Having a thirst for technology isn’t the only game in town. There will be other fantastic deals on jewelry including gold, diamonds, and clothes, and home goods, etc.

Security and loss prevention professionals will be on hand together with heavy amounts of contracted security to ensure the public’s safety. Their goal is to avoid stampedes, fights, and theft resulting in arrests. Retailers should be coshing to exercise best practices in selecting a private security company that is known for providing quality personnel.

With so much at stake and a down economy, It is expected that there will be larger crowds that are more aggressive, persistent and defiant then in years past. Proper training, policies, procedures, and briefings should be implemented to manage the increased risk.

For assistance in staffing contracted private security, implementation and design of post orders, please contact AEGIS management.

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