Infragard Los Angeles

FBI’s Infragard Member Alliance Program Los Angeles

The InfraGard Members Alliance is a free national education and information sharing program created by and between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the private sector. In Los Angeles, Our objectives include the mitigating of local, state and national vulnerabilities which criminals and terrorists might attempt to exploit, providing increased protection against criminal activities found in our communities, businesses, and personal lives.

The organization is comprised of 18 critical categories of infrastructure.
Banking & Finance | Chemical and Hazardous Materials | Commercial Facilities | Communications | Dams | Defense | Education | Emergency Services | Energy | Entertainment and Large Venues | Faith Based Venues | Food and Agriculture | Government | IT | Healthcare| Manufacturing | National Monuments | Nuclear Power | Postal Services | Transportation | Water
As the Commercial Facilities Sector Coordinator, I am the liaison responsible for places where people congregate to pursue business activities, conduct personal commercial transactions, or enjoy recreational pastimes. This includes different types of venues such as studios, theme parks, sports arenas, stadiums, convention centers, hotels, offices buildings, high-rise buildings, manufacturing centers, retail and commercial complexes.
There are two main components of our organization:
  1. Training: We provide free or low cost training opportunities for our members to learn skills and knowledge to be able to recognize, report and mitigate criminal and terrorist threats. Workshops include: ILO (Information Liaison Officer), TLO (Terrorism Liaison Officer), Human Skills, Passive Interview & Deception Techniques, Interview & Interrogation, Emergency Management, Target Hardening, Pre-Incident Indicators, Intro to Fraud & Theft, Infrastructure Liaison Training, Intro to Active Shooters, Suspicious Activity Reporting, IED, Worplace Violence, Familiarization Workshop and Bombing Prevention plus many others.
  2. Information Sharing: We receive a law enforcement sensitive daily briefings from the Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center. The JRIC is where representatives from most of the Southern California law enforcement agencies work together to manage the intake and dispersal of critical information. We also have a direct line in to the center to report any suspicious activity.

Infragard is designed for those individuals who are responsible or involved in security management for their business or organization. That may include security directors, security managers, general managers, store directors, front office managers and executive directors. For more information on Infragard or to become a member, visit