New Years Security and Holiday Security in Los Angeles

20121123-195820.jpgNew Years eve parties and holiday events present an unusual powder keg of circumstances that creates a perfect storm of security problems and concerns. There may be large groups that are open the public with minimal screening. There will likely be alcohol, whether readily available or consumed individually, and a celebratory environment where anything goes. Across Southern California, parties and events from LA to Hollywood and Beverly Hills to Universal City Walk will be attended in mass.

The goal of the security team is to establish a unified command of private sector security guards, law enforcement (police and Sheriff), the fire department and ems. The unified command is the best way combine loosely affiliated resources to achieve a common goal. At a public mass gathering like a Christmas party, Chanukah at Citywalk, or New Years celebration in Santa Monica, law enforcements has to weigh how much good it can do versus how much it will inconvenience the public.

Nobody wants to go through airport style security including metal detectors, pat down searches, bomb
dogs and drug dogs, especially for a casual celebration of the new year. Then again, nobody wants to be the victim of an active shooter, let alone a bomb, IED or suicide attack. So what is the ideal security plan?

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to every situation. The solution is going to include staging, parking, public transit logistics, ingress and egress, access control, crowd control, medical emergencies, arrests, restrooms and contingencies.

For smaller special events, the list can be significantly reduced by simply working with a professional and qualified security consultant in Los Angeles.

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