December is Big for Cheaters and Family Law Private Investigator Surveillance in Los Angeles


December is traditionally a very busy month for private investigators in Los Angeles. According to a recent Facebook study, there is a spike in relationships ending in early December. The causes of this include people re-thinking their futures, trying to start anew for the new year, Or even as simple as trying to save money on presents for someone they don’t particularly want to be with. The results is private investigators in Los Angeles are contracted to find their husbands and wives, and boyfriends and girlfriends cheating.

There are many warning signs of a cheater. These typically include a new found interest in personal hygiene, clothing, style, physical appearance, health, and it working out. If they become distant, pick fights, have unexplained gaps of time, or are suddenly changing the routine, it is possible that they are involved in an outside relationship.

After cheating, from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills, families are succumbing to divorce and child custody becomes a real issue. The argument may include whether or not the other parent is fit to oversee the development of the child, has a conducive environment to their future, and has the time to be able to invest in them.

By retaining a professional investigator, the client can establish these facts and present them to the courts in order to gain full or majority custody of their children.

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