What It Takes to Be Event Security in Los Angeles


Call any security company in Los Angeles, from professional niche security firms to the big security agencies and from Hollywood to Santa Monica and Beverly Hills to Pasadena. They will tell you that they specialize in special event security. And to the unsuspecting public, they may sound reasonably priced and promise the moon. The problem starts the minute they’re contracted and becomes apparent supposed to start.

They don’t ask the right security consultant questions to effectively conduct a threat or risk assessment. Things like: where is the event, how many people are expected at the event, will there be alcohol, what kind of crowd is it, what’s the purpose of the event, etc. These questions help create a security plan to gauge what kind of security guards are needed, how many security guards are needed, what is security’s purpose, and how security works.

Upon arrival, if they arrive on time, the guards show up not dressed professionally, are not properly briefed, and don’t have the experience or expertise to carry out their mission. Sometimes, it works out just fine. Other times, things go horribly wrong…

AEGIS Private Security & Investigations ensures we conduct our security assessments and risk evaluations correctly the first time. We communicate the client’s needs to our already well trained and experienced staff. Upon arrival, our guards are professional and capable of handling the situation that is presented to them, each and every time.

AEGIS Private Security & Investigations: Our mission is to meet and exceed our client’s security, investigation, training and consulting expectations.