How to Survive a School Shooting

20121125-184527.jpgColumbine… Virginia Tech… Aurora, Colorado… Fort Hood… University of Texas… North Valley Jewish Community Center… The list goes on.

Whether you are in a high-rise office building, a club, restaurant, movie theater or mall, the active shooter threat is real. Since the inclusion of multiple rounds, detachable magazines, speed loaders, and high capacity magazines, the active shooter threat has become increasingly more prevalent in society. With the warning signs of a gunman typically there, it takes someone with the skills to observe, the knowledge of what to look for and the attentiveness to call the police. We’ll save recognizing the warning signs for another day. Today, we’ll discuss how to survive an active shooter.

The first choice is run. If you can get to safety, do so immediately. Leave you things and find a safe place as soon as possible. Then help others by preventing them from going towards the shooter. Once safe, call 911.

If you cannot run, you can hide. Unlike an earthquake drill, hiding under sturdy tables or desks won’t work. Find a room and lock the door. Go somewhere where you won’t be seen. Remember there is a difference between cover and concealment. It it’s not thick and sturdy made of durable material, chances are you can hide from the bullets but you can’t stop them. Silence your cell phone.

If you cannot run or hide and danger is imminent, you should fight. Work with others to attack from all sides. Improvise weapons and use whatever you can find. Do not stop until the attacker is neutralized.

When law enforcement arrives, don’t expect them to stop to help you or other victims. Their mission is to find the shooter. If you can walk out on your own, do so. They’ll point you in the right direction. Wait for other police outside.

Having and practicing emergency and active shooter plans in Los Angeles can mean the difference between surviving an attack and not. A professional security consultant can help your organization protect itself.

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