AEGIS Private Investigators Catch Hollywood Cheaters in Infidelity Investigation


AEGIS Private Investigators concluded a cheaters investigation in Hollywood to determine whether the husband was being faithful to his wife of 25 years or whether he was committing infidelity.

California is known as what’s called a no fault state. According to Wikipedia, a “No-fault divorce is a divorce in which the dissolution of a marriage does not require a showing of wrongdoing by either party.” This wrongdoing includes infidelity, as immoral as it is.

Social pressures, environmental influences and the always present temptation make cheating a desirable option to fill a void in ones life.

In this case, the husband, a successful executive for an international entertainment company, was spending increasing more time at work leaving in the morning and not returning home until late at night. Our client, the wife, felt for the last year or so he had been avoiding her, not communicating, and had halted any intimacy they one had.

On day 2 of the surveillance, AEGIS Private Investigators observed the husband leave work in the early evening to go to a busy restaurant and bar in the heart of West Hollywood where he met an unidentified, much younger, female. After drinks, arm in arm, they went to the hotel next door where they checked in to a room where he stayed for the next several hours.

When presented with this evidence, we assisted our client in restraining a family law and divorce specialist and she has already begun the process of separation.
Nobody should have to be subjected to am unhappy marriage. In this instance, although the result was what our client was not hoping for, she was given closure. Now she has the ability to move on with her life to bigger and better things.

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