Identifying & Predicting Workplace Violence Was a Success!


February 12th, 2013: Yesterday’s “Identifying and Predicting Workplace Violence Workshop” presented by the FBI’s Infragard Members Alliance of Los Angeles, California State University, Fullerton’s Extension Program, AEGIS Security & Investigations was a success! With over 75 participants across Southern California from large venues, entertainment facilities, law enforcement, education, retail and hospitality, we had a diverse group of individuals who work together in support of maintaining a safe and secure environment for all.
A big thank you to Jim Biesterfeld & Kim Tang from Cal State Fullerton for their efforts to produce this program as well as Vince Lopez and the rest of the team at Hilton Universal for hosting. Infragard’s efforts to continuously put out the highest quality free workshops, training and collaboration would not be effective if we did not have valuable partners like you.
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Lastly, attached are several open source government resources on workplace violence that you can use to help audit, develop, train and implement programs.
Stay safe,
Jeff Zisner, CPP
FBI’s Infragard Commercial Facilities Sector Coordinator
President & CEO
AEGIS Security & Investigations Inc.
CA PPO #16744 | CA PI #27756