Hostile Employee Terminations in Los Angeles


The specialists at AEGIS Security & Investigations have recently been contracted to provide security and private investigators to assist with hostile terminations for employees at two fortune 500 companies in the last several days.

In modern times, particularly with the media coverage of angered employees with high emotions, the general public is exposed to more acts of violence daily  than what was reported in weeks just decades ago.

Our tried and true method of assisting employers in terminating hostile employees has been 100% effective in mitigating employee threats and defending against unlawful and inappropriate behaviors.

After a full assessment and consultation, AEGIS institutes a multifaceted approach involving a covert and overt security presence before, during and after the employee termination. We also dedicate a full surveillance team to monitor the movements and actions of the terminated individual and warn those of interest that they are heading in their direction.

Lastly, we assist with the legal process including delivering the termination itself, serving restraining orders and providing final checks.

It is important to take great care when terminating a hostile employees, particularly when threats have already been made. Take the right steps and keep you, your workforce, and your brand safe.

AEGIS Security & Investigations services the greater Los Angeles area including Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Culver City as well as the San Fernando Valley including Sherman Oaks, Calabasas, Studio City, Northridge, and Van Nuys.

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