Bug Sweeps in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Malibu

Making sure the room is clear using our non-linear junction detector.

In the last month, AEGIS had been contracted to provide bug sweeps (tscm / debugging) and executive protection to notable clients in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood and Malibu. Tactical surveillance countermeasures sweeps are conducted by expert personnel with decades of experience in locating covert listening devices and camera systems.

We have located hundreds of devices designed to provide intelligence. Our bug sweep begins with a spectrum analyzer searching for signals emitting from the target area outside of the normal commercial spectrum.

Second the target are is examined with a wide band receiver designed to pick up any low power devices that could have been missed by the spectrum analyzer.

Third, electrical outlets are examined for carrier currents that would permit listening through electrical lines.

Fourth, a non linear junction detector is used to locate electrical components of devices whether they are on or off.

Last, a phone analyzer is used in conjunction with a physical examination of the phone system to detect phone tapping.

A thorough debugging used in conjunction with security and surveillance by a licensed and insured private investigator can ensure our clients and their privacy remain safe and secure.