Jewish Private Investigator

Why is there a need specifically for a Jewish Private Investigator? Infidelity, child custody, theft, embezzlement, fraud or crime… Clients in the observant community need a Jewish Private Investigator capable of understanding their unique needs. Someone not familiar with the observant community may not take the correct care and caution in managing the investigation that is necessary to maintain confidentiality or respect.

Example: A business owner notices the cash on hand is significantly less than it should be. They don’t want to prosecute or ruin any of their employee’s standing in the community, however they want to make sure the theft is stopped. Employing a Jewish Private Investigator to mitigate the and investigate the problem will allow a quiet and effective way to resolve it.

Example: A husband and a wife get a Ghet. A custody battle ensues in which the wife believes the husband is not a fit father, but cannot seem to prove it. Taking in to account the sensitivity of the investigation, a Jewish Private Investigator is able to include themselves in to the community in order to be able to better observe the husband.

Example: A wife believes her husband is being unfaithful with a Shiksa in his office. A seasoned Jewish Private Investigator can conduct surveillance to determine the extent of which the husband is being unfaithful. After obtaining evidence, a Jewish Private Investigator will guide the wife through the process of a divorce while maintaining custody of the kids.

Hire a Jewish Private Investigator that understands your unique needs – confidentiality, tact, resourcefulness, and respect. AEGIS has been been conducting private investigations since 2005. Jeff Zisner, President & CEO grew up as a member of a reform synagogue in West LA. While studying at Cal State University, Northridge, he became heavily involved in Alpha Epsilon Pi, the Jewish Fraternity as well as AISH and Chabad. He traveled with AISH to Israel several times and currently studies with his Rabbi. He continues to the support the Jewish community by regularly providing discounted services to organizations in need, producing free threat management and counter terrorism workshops, and volunteering in partnership with the FBI.

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