Cheaters Private Investigator from Los Angeles works International Infidelity Case



From the beautiful beaches of Los Angeles to bustling city of New York, AEGIS cheaters private investigator specialists followed a cheating husband on a whirlwind tour of luxury travel and women.

Just like out of a scene from a Hollywood film, Los Angeles private investigator firm AEGIS SECURITY & INVESTIGATIONS conducted a hair  raising surveillance to catch this unfaithful husband in the act. He criss crossed Hollywood, Malibu, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills with his exotic Columbian mistress whom he had met in a recent business trip. Flying her in to stay with him in a fabulous private villa in the Hollywood Hills, they lived in luxury as dining at partying daily.

Returning home to his wife and 2 kids in Australia for the next several weeks while his mistress visited the sites of Los Angeles, our cheating husband hopped on a plane we confirmed was headed to New York the same time she did.

With boots already on the ground in Manhattan we picked up the couple as they shopped 5th Avenue, him spending the equivalent of a college education on her gifts

Later that evening, while at a local bar, they made friends with a blonde model whom they proceeded to bring back to their hotel suite.

Satisfied with the results of our investigation, we discontinued surveillance giving our client the evidence she was looking for.

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