A VERY Successful Body Language Training & Human Deception Detection Course!

On Monday, November 18th, 2013, over 150 participants from local and federal law enforcement, Infragard, private security professionals, and engaged stake holders attended a fantastic afternoon of training in body language and human deception detection.

Dr. Lillian Glass (www.drlillianglass.com) presented a very thorough introduction on the topic of body language. Of particular importance was how she outlined the subtle (and not so subtle) clues that somebody is being deceptive. Furthermore, those clues should be congruent within their environment, ultimately leading the determination that they may be deceptive.

With an application that could help police officers direct their line of questioning to obtain probable cause, security officers to better investigate a trespassers intentions, or a front office manager to better recognize that the person standing in front of them may pose a threat, the use of this body language training is endless.

A very special thank you to Mark Canole and Skirball for hosting this great training course and to Michael Loox from Coffee Bean for facilitating the refreshments and pastries. Without partners like you, we wouldn’t be able to bring this kind of amazing training to our stake holders free of cost.

Infragard is the FBI’s partnership program with the private sector designed to educate and share relevant information to prevent crime and terrorism. For more information on joining Infragard for free as well as all of our current training opportunities, please visit www.infragardlosangeles.org.

I will not be hosting any training workshops until February of 2014 with plans for a Krav Maga for Educational Professionals course and a Introduction to Wicklander Zulawski Interview & Interrogation. Other workshops are available to Infragard members and will be distributed on the Infragard email list and through the Infragard website along with the standard intelligence briefings.

Until then, have a happy holidays and a safe and productive new year!



Jeff Zisner, CPP

​FBI’s Infragard Member’s Alliance Commercial Facilities Coordinator

President & CEO

AEGIS Security & Investigations Inc.

CA PPO #16744 | CA PI #27756

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