Los Angeles Security Expectations


The Los Angeles security industry is comprised from everything from the lowest caliber supermarket security guard to well trained bodyguards protecting Hollywood celebrities. Understanding the wide variety of security in Los Angeles helps in distinguishing a client’s needs effectively helping to control cost. At the same time, clients need reasonable expectations when it comes to managing their needs and should only select a firm they trust will have their best interest in mind.

Most clients do not need to be up sold on ex navy seals, trained counter terrorism snipers, and CIA operatives to protect their bar mitzvah, wedding, restaurant or office building. Their abilities would far exceed what is necessary. Conversely, clients shouldn’t expect a single Los Angeles security professional to be able to handle a bar or event with 300 people… it’s just not possible if anything beyond managing a guest list is required.

The perfect compilation of quality and manageable cost is achieved by working with a quality and reputable security firm experienced in managing a specific subset of needs. Just as it wouldn’t be advisable for a company specializing in high rise buildings to send their staff to protect military bases abroad, paramilitary contractors shouldn’t be retained to manage red carpet events.

There is no standard operating procedure for each individual site. Each restaurant, school, office and estate have their own intricacies that requires an experienced security professional to evaluate and manage their needs. People looking to private security in Los Angeles should make sure to do their due diligence while accepting reasonable suggestions by their selected contractor.

AEGIS Security & Investigations is a fully licensed and insured security full service security firm in Los Angeles serving clients locally and nationally.