AEGIS Private Investigator Begins Accepting Bitcoin

Sunday, February 16th 2014

Los Angeles, California

AEGIS Security & Investigations, Inc. has acquired and will immediately being offering private investigator services to clients preferring payment with Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Private Investigator – AEGIS Security & Investigations, Inc. is actively engaged in providing investigative services to corporate and private clients. With professional investigators specializing in infidelity and family law, civil litigation, and criminal prosecution and defense, AEGIS is prepared to meet and exceed clients’ needs.

Bitcoin is a digital crypto currency that is transferred peer-to-peer existing outside of the traditional government structure. The benefit of utilizing Bitcoin (BTC) is adding an element of anonymity by transferring Bitcoin from one “anonymous” account to another defined by a system generated unique string of characters.

Jeff Zisner, AEGIS’ President & CEO and Certified Protection Professional commented, “Some of our clients have expressed interest in paying for professional services using Bitcoin. They have asked to do so to minimize the paper trail or simply because they have accumulated Bitcoin in other transactions. We still maintain our standard service agreements and fulfill those services in accordance with all applicable law.” AEGIS will be converting their standard investigation/consulting rates from USD to BTC in order to not over value or devalue their services.

AEGIS Security & Investigations, Inc. is a Los Angeles based security and investigative firm catering to high end clients. Their stated mission is to “Meet and Exceed” their clients’ security, investigation, training and consulting expectations. AEGIS was created in 2007 as a boutique consulting firm, incorporating full service security services in 2010 and private investigations in 2012. Their team includes security professionals, investigators, current and former law enforcement and members of the United States and Israeli military.

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