Tactical Team Building – SWAT Experience

AEGIS Security & Investigations, Inc. is the only broker for the CTTC’s SWAT Tactical Team Building Experience in Los Angeles. The CTTC is a 12,500 sq ft training facility in Los Angeles with 40 customizable rooms that allow for specific training requirements. The facility currently includes three stairwells, a mock residential home, doctors office, business office, classroom, long hallways, upper attic, restaurant, and a CQB defensive tactics mat. The facility also houses two fully functional classrooms with AV as well as a 4 person SIMUNITION® shooting range. This facility is a qualified SIMUNITION® range and is listed under the General Dynamics/SIMUNITION® website among the very few qualified range programs on the West Coast and in Southern California.

We have launched our $99 introductory training program: “How to Survive an Active Shooter” which includes multiple scenarios (cafe, classroom, office, home) in which you will be given the tools you need by a real SWAT instructor how to survive when the bullets start flying.  

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The facility equipment locker includes pistol, carbine, and shotgun training at 8 yards to 100 yards and is monitored by “tracking CCTV” for real time analysis. There is also a observation catwalk for instructional and observational purposes during sessions.

The SWAT Tactical Team Building Experience in Los Angeles is a 4 hour realistic opportunity for teams to immerse themselves in what is it like to be on a SWAT team. Arriving at our facility in Los Angeles, California, you gear up with a helmet, flak jacket, and M4 Carbine. The weapon you will be using is a real rifle that has been adapted for use with SIMUNITION® rounds. You will be lead by a real SWAT Operator through drills in which you will move, shoot and function as a SWAT team. You will be challenged by multiple scenarios made more challenging by smoke, strobes and other obstacles. It has been proven that teams under fire grow closer than ever before. Bring your team to our facility for a one of a kind tactical team building experience. Get locked and loaded, you have a mission to complete. 

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