Los Angeles Security Company

Finding a Los Angeles security company can be difficult. How do you compare and what makes one better than the other? Companies claim to have the best employees, be award winning, offer better support services, lower rates and even kick backs.

With so many Los Angeles security companies out there to pick from, how can the consumers differentiate? There are few fool proof ways to make you choice, whether it’s for a special event, estate protection, celebrity bodyguard, corporate office, or restaurant.

1) Cost – Los Angeles security companies have to include payroll taxes, general liability insurance, worker’s comp, city taxes and overhead in to the cost of your guard. This ads up to nearly 40% more than what the guard is paid. $10/hour = $14/cost. $15/hour = $21/cost. This means that if you’re paying less than the high teens for a Los Angeles security guard, that guard could quit their job and go make more at In N Out. Is that the person you want responsible for your protection?

2) Staff – Los Angeles security companies have the same set of staff. There are only so many security guards in Los Angeles and they all work for more than one company. It’s how the security company screens and assigns their staff that makes them different. Do they arbitrarily assign their guards or are they placed by a manager who knows them and the client.

3) Management – Los Angeles security companies are all unique in how they are managed. From field supervisors to managers and owners, the knowledge, attention to detail, and responsiveness on behalf of management make or break a successful company.

When to run away – Los Angeles security companies must have general liability insurance, workers comp and a Private Patrol Operators (PPO) license. If they are not insured or give you a guard card number, run away! Independent contractors, 1099 or cash employees is illegal in the state of California. When something happens and it results in a law suit, you (the client) will get stuck with the bill… Run away!

In the end, the most important factor when hiring a Los Angeles security company is your comfort level that the job will be done to the standard you need it to be done. And knowing you can reach the company management when you need to doesn’t hurt either.



About the Author – Jeff Zisner is the President and CEO of AEGIS, is a Certified Protection Professional, PPO and Private Investigator. He has a bachelors in business management and is the FBI’s Infragard Program of Los Angeles Commercial Facilities Sector Chief.