Los Angeles Security Consultant

As the leading Los Angeles security consultant, Jeff Zisner knows what it takes to become and stay safe and secure. For over 13 years, Jeff has developed and implemented security plans for commercial corporate facilities, private estates, restaurants, and nightlife venues. He is experienced in staffing, guard training, operations management, logistics, physical security, and implementation of best practices.

As a recognized Certified Protection Professional, Los Angeles security consultant Jeff Zisner has been involved in litigation preparation, incident analysis, conditional use planning, physical security design, and target hardening.

His methods go beyond that of security consulting alone. He assists in operational analysis, ROI analysis, loss control, contingency planning and procedural design.

When searching for a Los Angeles security consultant, it is important clients work with someone well rounded they can trust. Regonized by the FBI’s Infragard Program for his dedication to professional development and community outreach, his methods as a security consultant are considered the industry standard.

Recently, Jeff was retained by a retail chain that competes with companies like Border’s and Barnes and Noble. Their flagship store does $15+ million a year in sales but only turns single digit net profits. As a Los Angeles security consultant, Jeff was tasked with eliminating potential sources of theft, fraud, and paper loss. By methodically evaluating logistics and operational processes, new practices were developed capable of increasing net profits by 30%!

Jeff also provides training services beyond what would be offered by a typical security consultant. This training includes California guard card certification and refresher training, workplace violence training, force multiplier training, terrorism, and active shooter orientation.

Lastly, when unique situations call for an investigation, Los Angeles security consultants have to contract a private investigator. With Jeff also being a licensed PI, he is able to conduct investigations both highly targeted and broad in scope. Whether it is fraud, theft, or in support of civil or criminal litigation, working with the same expert saves time and money while improving continuity.


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