Another Successful Fraud Workshop

Last week, Infragard hosted our second incarnation of the Fraud & Theft Workshop at the beautiful SLS Hotel Beverly Hills. We had representatives from the private sector, local law enforcement, and federal law enforcement at our disposal. Their combined century of experience provided a much needed and eye opening discussion on current events related to fraud and theft.

United States Secret Service Special Agent Hank Price, ATSAIC of the Financial Crimes Investigations Squad, shared his experiences managing criminals involved in credit card skimming and how the relationships between street crime and high level organized crime exist.

Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Sgt. Dana McCants focused his presentation on protecting ourselves and our businesses from exposure to fraud. His interactive and direct teaching style resonated well with participants, who gained knowledge of identify theft and fraud in their own lives. We then applied those concepts to the retail industry.

Lastly, Retail Partners’ Owner and loss prevention expert Joseph LaRocca addressed the future of retail loss prevention techniques and fraud prevention. His expertise in tracking and managing industry threats directly translated to issues the participants could understand.

A big thanks to all the speakers for taking time out of their day to come speak about emerging threats and industry trends. And an even bigger thanks to our hosts at the SLS Hotel and Director of Security Nelson Kafieh. Without partners like you, Infragard and our workshops wouldn’t have the impact that it does today.

InfraGard is a free national education and information sharing program created by and between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the private sector. Our objectives include the mitigating of local, state and national vulnerabilities which criminals and terrorists might attempt to exploit, providing increased protection against criminal activities found in our communities, businesses, and personal lives. We conduct extensive information sharing and training for the private sector. For more information or to join, visit In addition, if you’re interested in volunteering your venue to host a future training, please let me know.


Jeff Zisner, CPP
FBI’s Infragard Commercial Facilities Sector Chief
President & CEO
AEGIS Security & Investigations Inc.
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