Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Security Expert

A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is required for certain operations and businesses which may need special conditions to ensure the it doesn’t impact the surrounding land uses. Major considerations with the evaluation of CUP process include consistency with the site plan, compatibility with the neighboring properties, physical constraints, project design, accessibility, public services impacts, facilities needed to sustain the development; and potential environmental impacts and mitigation measures.

As an experienced security professional with a background in commercial, hospitality, restaurant, and nightlife operations, I am ready and able to assist your clients with creating and executing security plans related to their project’s land use. Whether it’s a small neighborhood pub or a bustling new hotel, I can customize and draft a plan that includes necessary cameras, alarms, lighting, building materials, fencing, security operations, and other considerations. After conducting an on-site assessment and meeting the project’s management team, a customized draft will be presented for review. When finalized, our plans can be presented to the appropriate commission or entity for review and approval.

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At the public hearing, the community and the applicant will make presentations to officials tasked with evaluating the plan and the development. Based on the presentation, the official may choose to continue the process, deny the program, or ask for additional information. Traditionally, conditions are required to ensure application for a CUP is approved. Examples include parking and physical access, hours of operation, landscaping, building size, signage building materials and placement, architectural style, or other conditions as deemed necessary. A major consideration of a public space dedicated to retail, hospitality, club, bar, or restaurant is the security impact. By preparing for the public hearing and submitting supplementation information related to security best practices, the applicant significantly reduces the risk of being denied the Conditional Use Permit.

In addition to a comprehensive security plan, LAPD STAR Training related to alcohol service should be included. Because the LAPD program is only available under a limited set of circumstances, AEGIS assists CUP applicants by providing Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) Training to our clients and their staff. The ABC RBS program is available both live and online at

Exclusive ONLINE RBS training