Los Angeles Fumigation Security

Fumigation security in Los Angeles has been a steadily growing niche market for AEGIS since 2014.

The concept of leaving your home and all of your possessions in the hands of a fumigation and post control company is difficult to swallow. Add in not being able to go in to your home for several days after and the threat of burglary makes it an unwieldy prospect.

Many home owners and apartment mangers have begun contacting security companies to provide a ongoing presence to deter theft. Working with a skilled and accountable professional security company name owners can rest assured that their property is adequately secured.

At AEGIS, we utilize an active command and control system that allows us to dispatch, monitor, and account for our field staff remotely. Utilizing GPS, our staff check in remotely and provide regular updates to management to ensure they are awake, alert, and on post.

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We analyze the size and placement of the property and place security officers in strategic locations throughout in order to accurately maintain a secured perimeter. While is possible to wear a commercially available gas mask to enter a fumigation site and steal valuables, the property is most vulnerable when the windows are opened to air out the chemicals. The officers remain on post throughout the duration of the fumigation process to ensure your possessions are safe. Don’t levee your property open to burglars. Experience the AEGIS Difference when it comes to managing your fumigation security needs.