Los Angeles Jewish Security Initiative

With the recent Jewish temple shooting in Har Nof Jerusalem, security in Los Angeles is more important than ever. The Community Security Initiative of the Los Angeles Jewish Federation supports the community by providing assessment, intelligence monitoring, information sharing, and training services to Jewish schools and synagogues in the Los Angeles area.

This year, CSI’s Director of Community Security, Jason Periard, has provided valuable information and training programs to the community. Training programs include incident response to terrorist bombings, suspicious activities reporting, and the community security fair.

In 2014, CSI providing grant funding for one additional security officer for many of the synagogues in Los Angeles, working with select local security firms, including AEGIS, to accomplish the task.

Where the Community Security Initiative stops, AEGIS continues. We provide expert security consulting and assessment services, armed and unarmed security guard service, and training on how to survive an active shooter at our tactical training facility.

Synagogues and Jewish schools are by definition, a target. As such, these institutions are obligated to work with a professional and trusted comprehensive security firm. See something, say something and experience the AEGIS Difference.