NBC4 Home Security Makeover Featuring AEGIS CEO Jeff Zisner

January 15, 2015 on NBC4

AEGIS’s Security Expert Jeff Zisner was interviewed on-air by reporter Randy Mac on NBC4 after a rise  in burglaries began to impact various Los Angeles neighborhoods. As security consultant and Certified Protection Professional, Jeff conducted a vulnerability assessment for a home in Studio City that was a recent victim to a burglary. While away on a vacation, the property was ransacked, with tens of thousands of dollars of valuables taken from the home. This was not likely to be a random attack, but rather a carefully planned and orchestrated burglary. The home owner may have been targeted due to the value of her belongings, with the would be burglars watching for a suitable time to strike.

Without live alarm monitoring, camera systems, or the existence of a defensible perimeter, this home never had a chance. In order to best protect yourself and your home, consider installing a security system, CCTV camera system or plug and play camera such as DropCam, and creating a stronger and safer perimeter. This may include fencing, motion activated lights, signage, foliage that deters burglary, and clear line of sight.

If you need help, you may want to consider hiring a security consultant to review your options before you make a sizable investment in a home security plan. A security expert should be able to save you money in the long run and help you create a safe and secure home.