Cell Phone Security Systems on NBC4 Featuring AEGIS’ Security Expert Jeff Zisner

2/15/15 – NBC4

AEGIS’ President and Security Expert Jeff Zisner was interviewed on-air by NBC4 Reporter Randy Mac about how to turn old cell phones in to a free security cameras. Rather than selling it or letting it sit in a drawer for months or years, old cell phones can connect to wifi and by using free apps, turn into security cameras. These apps allow for saving the images or video, remote viewing, and motion sensitivity which alerts the owner to activity detected by the camera. Now that you were able to verify that something is happening, your next step is to immediately call 911 and report it. An alternative to a retail product such as a DropCam, these apps allow users to re-purpose existing without breaking the bank. Finding these apps is as easy as logging in to Google Play or the App Store. iPhone apps include Pocket Spy Cam and Presence and Android Apps include Alfred, Motion Detector, and WardenCam.

Security cameras alone are not sufficient to secure a home or business. A security plan includes cameras, alarms, physical barriers, upgraded hardware, good lighting, and other considerations. Before going to spend money on creating a program, speaking with a security expert like Jeff Zisner and having them do a on-site assessment and evaluation can be valuable.

Jeff Zisner is a Certified Protection Professional and veteran of the security industry. Named Infragard Rookie of the Year in 2012 for his efforts to increase awareness and collaboration between the FBI and the private sector, Jeff’s approach is dynamic and forward thinking. While some companies or experts will attempt to deploy costly solutions in order to increase profits, Jeff designs and implements programs in a solution driven and pragmatic way, adding value to the client without breaking the bank.