Protecting Your Car Against Burglary – NBC4 – Security Expert Jeff Zisner


AEGIS Security & Investigation’s President and security expert Jeff Zisner was recently interviewed by Randy Mac from NBC4 Los Angeles regarding vehicles vulnerable to high tech burglars. As an experienced bug sweep (TSCM) security expert, Jeff applied his knowledge of radio frequencies, transmitters, and plausibility to determine the most likely causes of high tech vehicle burglary. In this on-screen news cast, Jeff discussed the use of power amplifiers, miniature electro-magnetic pulse devices, and code grabbers as potential tools allowing the bad guys to break in to vehicles without even breaking a window.

In other on-screen interviews, security expert Jeff Zisner has spoken to how to properly secure a home, avoid and respond to being the victim of car jacking, the use of old cell phones as security cameras, and to protect yourself in an urban environment while traveling.

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