Surviving an Active Shooter – Security Expert Jeff Zisner Interviewed on CBS/KCAL

December 2nd, 2015 – San Bernadino California, 14 killed, 22 wounded. Jeff Zisner is a Security Expert, Certified Protection Professional, security company owner, and private investigator. He teaches a course to groups on how to identify, prevent, and respond in an active shooter incident. For more information on the course, CLICK HERE.

Whether you are in an office, airport, restaurant or nightclub the active shooter threat is real. Since the manufacturing and sale of multiple round, detachable, and high capacity magazines for semi-automatic handguns, the active shooter threat has become increasingly more prevalent in society. With a wide variety of warning signs of a gunman, it takes the public, law enforcement, security and staff with the training to observe what to look for and to have the attentiveness to call the police. Today, we’ll discuss how to survive an active shooter.

Whether an announcement is made by local security, on a public address system, or you hear the actual gun shots, the first choice is run. If you can get out of range of the active shoot and to safety, do so immediately. Leave you personal items and find a safe place quickly and quietly. When you are safe, help others by preventing them from going towards the the location of the shooter. Once you are safe, call 911 and give them as much information as possible. Information the dispatchers need includes a description of the shooter, a location of the shooter, weapons they are using if known, and the amount of ammunition that has been used, if known.

If you cannot run, you have to hide. Unlike an fire drill where you have to drop cover and hold, or an earthquake drill where you have to take cover under sturdy tables or desks, you need to find sturdy cover and concealment. Remember there is a difference between cover and concealment. It it’s not thick and sturdy made of durable material, chances are you can hide from the bullets but you can’t stop them. Find a room, whether it is a closet, office, or break room and lock and barricade the door. Go somewhere where you won’t be seen. Silence your cell phone and turn off the lights.

If you cannot run or hide and danger is imminent, you have to fight. Work with other people around you to attack from all sides. Improvise weapons and use whatever you can find to stab, slash, strike, or amplify your attack. Fight with everything you have. Do not stop until the attacker is neutralized.

When law enforcement officers arrive, they will not stop to help you or other victims. Their single task is to find and neutralize the active shooter. If you can walk out on your own, do so. They’ll point you in the right direction. Wait for other police officers outside in a safe place.

Creating and practicing emergency and active shooter plans can mean the difference between surviving an attack and being a victim. A professional security consultant in can help your organization protect itself.

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