Florida Terrorist Attack Update

DEVELOPING STORY: Man with weapons and possible explosives arrested, said he was going to L.A. gay pride parade: www.latimes.com/la-me-ln-gay-pride-la-weapons-20160612-snap-story.html
In the early hours of Sunday, June 12th, 2016, a gunman identified as Omar Mateen of Fr. Pierce, Florida attacked Pulse, an Orlando, Florida nightclub serving the gay community. He used assault-type rifles and a handgun, killing at least 50 people and wounding countless others. there were over 300 people inside the club at the time.
At this time, this attack is the worst active shooter terrorist attack experienced domestically in the United States. While the motives for the killing are not yet known, the shooting itself has become far too well known. AEGIS is closely monitoring the situation and will be providing additional updates and subject matter expertise as necessary.
While there are no known additional threats, incidents like this have a habit of producing copy cat crimes. Active shooters – terrorists or otherwise, seem to enjoy the thrill of being the best and knowing that it is possible to kill 50+ in a nightclub breeds others to attack similar nightlife and hospitality based targets. 
Source: Yahoo News & CNN News
At this time, we are recommending the following:
  • Evaluate your perimeter security screening – ID checks, dress code checks, metal detecting, and pat down searches. Implement as many additional screening techniques as possible that your customer base will bare. We suggest at a minimum ID checks, dress code, and either metal detecting or a pat down search. Active shooters planning an attack are less likely to target a place with enhanced over security measures.
  • Consider your methods of ingress and egress – funneling through only a single entry and exit prohibits guests from getting in to your facility without being screened.
  • Consider your active shooter plan – do you have one? Is it actionable and robust? How do you train your current team and handle training new team members as your team turns over? AEGIS provides lecture and full scale active shooter training exercises on-site. For details of this training, CLICK HERE.
  • Consider your mass communication systems – do you have the ability to notify your team in the event of an emergency and keep them up to date with accurate information?
  • Do you have professional armed security officers or off duty police officers on-site ready to respond to a threat if necessary?
To speak with a security expert at AEGIS regarding security services, on-site consulting services include our custom coded security assessment, and active shooter training, call 310-838-2787.