Bomb Threat Security Training

Hosting an internal bomb threat training in your organization could be the difference between life and death. Legoland Florida Resort’s on Oct. 13, 2016 received a bomb threat and ensured the safe evacuation of all guests and employees from its 150-acre property, but the theme park’s scare put the reality of bomb threats back into the public spotlight.

Bomb threat training, workplace violence, and terrorism related training is essential to companies operating locally and abroad in the private sector, as well as facilities and events that are defined as soft targets. Large events, bustling buildings, and public spaces render themselves susceptible to security hazards, including bomb and improvised explosive devices, which is why workshops and trainings from security experts are essential to maintaining a safe workplace for all.

AEGIS Security & Investigations, located in Los Angeles, Calif., offers numerous training opportunities, including bomb threat training. Our Workplace Violence & Security Awareness training program  is designed to provide information on how to identify, predict, mitigate and respond to workplace violence, crime, and terrorism. Specific training on bomb threat protocol can be incorporated into your personal resiliency program to enhance your workplace’s ability to effectively and safely handle such a situation. The training program lasts between two and eight hours dependent on the needs of the company and is a part of AEGIS’ training series for corporate needs.

The Department of Homeland Security offers a bomb threat checklist and quick tips on how to handle a bomb threat, noting that these instances are serious and should not be taken lightly. The gravity of bomb threats, active shooter situations, and security breaches is best understood when you are placed in a real-life scenario. Trainings from AEGIS are hosted in a controlled, safe space that imitate real-world threats and orient participants to appropriately react and protect themselves and others should such a scenario become a reality.

AEGIS’ expansive list of Corporate Training Solutions offers ideal for overall workplace safety and security, amplifying employee readiness in the event of an emergency. Topics ranging from pre-incident indicators of threats to active shooters can be trained in a rememberable format to resonate with participants, ensuring they walk away certain of their abilities to effectively respond to a variety of threat-related situations. Contacting AEGIS today can offer your employees and clients the assurance necessary to feel safe in the workplace.

Authors: Chelsea Turner and Jeff Zisner