Executive Protection for Royalty – Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Need Help

As an LA-based company, AEGIS Security & Investigations understands public figures’ desire for privacy and basic living abilities. That’s why we provide top-notch executive protection services. Now, British royalty is shedding light on the matter.

On Nov. 8, Prince Harry released a statement shaming various media sources for their maltreatment of his girlfriend, actress Meghan Markle. Not only did he point out the invasion of privacy committed, such as stalking Markle, her friends, her colleagues and her family — even citing an instance of hindering Markle’s mother from accessing her Los Angeles home — he pointed out cyber-bullying and slander committed against the actress.

The issue is clearly one of significance to the prince considering his mother’s death has been traced to the most extreme invasion of privacy from paparazzi. Especially in light of Princess Diana’s former bodyguard’s recent statement about the lacking security she and her then-companion endured in 1997, the prince’s fear for his girlfriend’s protection from media hounds is not without warrant. That chase made us rethink executive protection services then, and it should continue to do so now.

Executive protection services help numerous celebrities, company executives, and politicians throughout the nation. Locally in southern California, statewide, nationally, and internationally, AEGIS’ executive protection agents and bodyguards conduct discreet and professional full service security operations for our discerning clientele. Fully trained, industry-respected, and field-tested, our close-protection professionals have a zero-loss record. These agents are supported closely by our operations team via web-based command and control systems, which provide autonomously operating security agents as-needed briefs, situational awareness updates, and guidance to better prepare our clients in navigating their environment. AEGIS creates and executes solutions for our clients to accomplish their specific personal safety and security objectives.

Author: Chelsea Turner & Jeff Zisner