Aerial Investigations? Security Hot Button Topic: Drones

Flying through the air loaded with cameras and microphones, drones are a dream-come-true for the security industry. However, the use of drones has been up for debate since their inception. Now, various security forces, including law enforcement, are vamping up their drone fleets.

Since the release of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107 earlier this year, unmanned aircraft (drone) users have had clear guidelines about how and where they may fly. This includes limitations like daylight-only operation, remote pilot certificates, and drone size. With all of these limits, however, there are even more possibilities for those in security when it comes to the use of drone power.

The business applications of drones are beginning to be realized, especially with companies like Amazon consistently working toward a drone delivery fleet. Drone development companies also continue to profit from research and development of better software for their products, enhancing their capabilities and (hopefully) limiting hacking concerns. Ultimately, the drone enterprise is one that seems to be growing with little limitation in sight.

Law enforcement has quickly found the advantage of using drones and hosting full fleets of the small aircrafts. In Alameda County, six drones are used fairly consistently to enhance public safety as their cameras find perpetrators and allow the remote pilot to notify other divisions to respond where they are needed. In fact, the county’s drone fleet is so impressive, other surrounding law enforcement departments have asked for loaners to see how they can better serve the public and enhance their safety.

Additionally, law enforcement is looking into using drones as additional officers in high-threat situations. By adding tasers onto drones, there may be a greater chance of catching the bad guys without inflicting permanent harm on both the perpetrator and the officers in pursuit.

Despite all of the advantages drones seem to pose, there are still criticisms and concerns surrounding the use of drones and their significant growth projection. The possibility of drone threats does seem to be fading, but most analysts have pointed to the positives as outweighing the negatives.

From our perspective, drones offer the opportunity to survey large sites without excessive manpower, provide coverage for outdoor spaces that are not easily accessible, and can augment a security team by enhancing their range of coverage and strengthening their surveillance ability. In all, drones are still a dream-come-true for our sector, and we look forward to exploring the range of opportunities they provide.

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Author: Chelsea Turner & Jeff Zisner